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Outdoor Activities


We offer hunts for Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer and Turkeys. Our hunting areas are prime wheat farms with plenty of CRP areas, providing ideal wildlife habitat. In terms of wildlife, these farms offers one of the best opportunities to see large numbers of quality animals. The hunting areas are monitored by cameras which will show you the quality of deer and turkeys that inhabit these farms. The farms are (Davenport) located in unit 133 and (Dayton) unit 162. In addition to the fully mobile, adult hunter, we cater to a wide range of physical abilities, including physically challenged hunters as well as youth and elderly hunters. The Mule deer, Whitetail Deer and Turkey hunts are not conducted in rugged mountains, but in the draws and fields of these farms, providing easy accessibility to some prime hunting spots. Turkey hunts are April 15th to May 31st, and again in late fall. The farms have a large number of birds to choose from. In Northeast Washington a hunter is allowed 2 Turkeys in the early spring season and a mix of 3 birds in the fall. There are hundreds of big, beautiful turkeys that call the farms home and offer you an excellent hunting experience. The Deer hunting season extends from September to December depending on your weapon of choice. We offer Archery, Muzzle-loader and Modern Firearm hunts. The farms offer you a quality hunting experience and an excellent population of big deer from which to choose. Unit 133 is a 3 point or better deer hunting area as well as the 162 unit, ensuring that you will get a chance at a quality buck. These units offer a drawing for an extra doe tag as well as an opportunity to draw for a late season buck hunt for Modern Firearm in unit 133. Contact us for more information regarding these extra permits. If you are interested in this service, contact us soon to book your hunt.
From: $100.00 / 1h

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The travel industry is pretty much down due to COVID-19. People are trying to avoid traveling at all costs. Most families stay away from the crowds at airports and avoid long journeys. Instead, people are more than willing to jump into the car, drive few hours and reach fun destinations nearby looking for outdoor activities and local experiences. People are now, more than ever, looking for authentic local adventures, lifestyles, customs, and cultures. Whether you're a foodie or a hiker, an animal lover, or an archaeologist, there’s a local experience in your area to match your passion. At we are building a community of Local Hosts and Enthusiasts, is the place to Discover Local Services, Unique Experiences, and Outdoor Activities Near You.