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Digital Ambassador Program

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Are you a digital content creator? You can make a strong impact on local businesses.


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Digital Advertising is BIG. Businesses spend 350 Billion dollars a year on digital advertising. Legal and Financial Offices will pay on average between $3.44 and $6.75 per click. Medical, Education, Automotive, B2B Services will range between $2.46 and $3.80 per click view more... Cost-per-click varies by country, but it is still high no-matter where you live. Monetize your content, creativity and influence, build passive revenue streams, partner with leading brands and large local businesses.

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We connect Creators and Influencers with local businesses and leading brands. DON'T SELL YOUR INFLUENCE SHORT. Find businesses and brands you match with and create a MyArea online presence for them. Open yourself an opportunity to create authentic content your audience will love. This will allow you to naturally and successfully monetize. As a Digital Ambassador you work directly with businesses and brands. You are getting paid per results and contribution rather than per post or contract agreement. As a Digital Ambassador you are empowered by tools like statistics, analytics, tracking, communication, invoice generation and payment systems.

Micro-influencing power

TOP influencers with record high audience numbers, are being contracted and directly enganged by iconic brands. To enter a Creator Management Platform you still need to prove a high-end follower base. Micro influencers drive more awarness and engagement than owned published posts. Still, micro and medium influencer section of the creator economy is struggling to find ways to monetize. That's where we place our platform and that's the sector of the creator economy where we come handy. We help you build business relationships first and then structure your revenue streams around them.

Built for Creators

Rather than building a Creator Management Software for Businesses, we are building a Business Management software solution for Creators. We have the tools you need to help you successfully monetize and never lose a single follower. You are building online communities. You do the hard part of job. You put blood, sweat and tears to engage, retain, lead and entertain. That's huge. That's 99.9% of "job done". All you need is the remaining 0.1%, the single missing piece of the puzzle. Just a few tools and some Tips & Tricks to achieving rapid growth that taps into your full potential.

We are hyper-focused on helping you succeed. We leverage learnings from experiments and startups and we know how to make a High Impact. Your Trust is what we value most. We are a team built on the belief that when the right people and ideas connect, anything's possible.




Stop contracting and negotiating. Share branded content and earn money based on the performance of your post. Value your time and effort. Don't just get compensated for your work. Get paid for the clicks you generate. Get paid directly by Iconic Brands and Large Local Businesses.

Digital Ambassador Program

Everything You Need To Monetize Your Influence. Engage Local Businesses and Brands that are an authentic fit for You.
Create content you'll be proud of.

  • Freelance Opportunities

    For journalists, writers, photographers, videographers, designers, animators, musicians, and composer.

  • Create Web Pages

    Share web URLs and earn money based on the performance and traffic on your links.

  • Public Chat Rooms

    Initiate and launch public chat rooms to discuss open questions and influence public opinion.

  • Rate and Reviews

    Encourage your audience to rate and post reviews on businesses you represent.

  • Online and Offline Events

    Drive better results by organizing virtual, hybrid, offline or in-person events.

  • Your channel, Your voice

    Control the content your create and bring your creative ideas to life.

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The more we grow, the more we realize all the ways that nature connects us: to ourselves, to the past, to the ecosystems we live within, and to each other.






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"This is the model of how to do things right. Influencers don't loose their integrity and we, on the other side, gain the most natural/organic leads for our brand."

Sara Coleman, Marketing Director
Napa Cellars

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  • MyArea may end the Program or change any of the terms at any time, without notice and without obligation to award any traffic credit.