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Android Studio


App provides complete reference of Android Studio IDE.App has many new features..It gives User to knowledge about :* Writing first app* Creating project* Libraries* Project Structure* App testing* Components of Android Studio* New features of Android Studio* and many others..This Android Studio app helps any Beginner/Developer to make android studio easier.With the help of app android is made simpler and easier..This Android Studio app is and pocket book for android developer.In this app their are various different features which make user to open app instantly and refer to app which solves problem easily..Now this app gives complete information about android and android studio, keep always visiting because daily after 10 days you will see an update to a App.Our next app is Android Studio Design and Useful Libraries..We promise you this app will be 100% helpful.. More advanced topics such as database management, content providers and intents will also covered, as are touch screen handling, gesture recognition, camera access and the playback and recordingof both video and audio. The goal of this Application is to teach the skills necessary to develop Android based applications using the Android StudioAlso update to an app will come soon...

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