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January 16, 2014


In Sunlit you create stories that combine photos, location check-ins, and text. For trips, events, or any memories.

Multi-user sharing and collaboration

Invite any user to a story and now you’re all contributing to the storytelling. Photos and check-ins added from one person are synced to everyone. Great for chronicling a trip or topic that you all care about.

Sync via

Everything in Sunlit syncs to using your private file storage. This means that sync is automatic from the start. And because it’s on, the files are accessible from other apps, so your data is never locked away.

Dropbox import

Browse photos from your Dropbox “Camera Uploads” folder directly from within Sunlit, so you have access to your latest photos even if they aren’t in your iPhone’s camera roll.

Built-in camera

Of course it also has a built-in camera, so you can take new shots and bring them right into a story from within Sunlit. Apply filters with a live preview or set the 30-second timer for group shots.

Publish to a web page

By default, stories in Sunlit are private or shared with specific people. If you want to show everyone your photos, publish the whole story to a web page with a single tap.

Beautiful maps

Sunlit renders custom maps from check-ins or the GPS location embedded in your photos. Maps give a unique style to each story, great for trips or check-ins around town. And it integrates with Ohai and Foursquare.

Nondestructive filters

Sunlit ships with 6 filters that you can apply to your photos. It always keeps the unfiltered photo saved too, so you can restore the original at any time in the future.

Write down what matters

One of the key difference between Apple’s shared Photo Streams and Sunlit is simple: words. Sunlit groups your photos by date, where you can type in a description to add details to the event. That’s why we call them stories.

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