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Felix (iPad Edition)

At A Glance

App Name
Felix (iPad Edition)
June 03, 2013


Crisp, elegant and feature-rich, Felix is the best way to chat with your friends - and meet new ones! - on ADN.

Felix provides a first-class experience. It gets out of your way to let you focus on what's important - the people and conversations you care about.

  • A fast, clean and mellow interface designed to let you focus on what's important - people and conversations.

  • Gesture-friendly interactions with an innovative navigation puck. Activities and app navigation are usually just a one-touch thing.

  • Full private messaging support - send messages to individuals or groups, and include media in your messages too. Go beyond 256 with up to 2048 characters!

  • Pick and choose which parts of ADN to see. Just want private messaging? Go for it. Know the gesture for the Dashboard (it's "pinch") and don't need that button? Begone! Want it all? You can have that, too. (Unicorns not included.)

  • Customize Felix to your tastes with color, font and notification sound options.

  • Curate your streams by collapsing post authors, mentions, hashtags, conversations and more.

  • Go beyond Global with ADN's new streams on the Explore view. Global's now joined by Photos, Trending, Checkins and more!

  • Post editable, custom links - including links to photos.

  • Support for public and private Patter rooms. Tap on links to Patter rooms to show them natively, and subscribe to them right in Felix!

  • Crosspost Twitter - add a Twitter account in iOS's Settings app, then just tap and hold on the send button when you're ready.

  • Save searches, hashtags or conversations for easy reference later.

  • Save web pages to Safari Reading List, Pocket, Instapaper, Readability and Pinboard for later.

  • Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion.

And, of course, all the standard fundamentals are covered: push notifications, username and hashtag completion, full-text post search, user search, starring posts, reposting, stream markers, mute, block, and more.

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