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April 09, 2013


Chimp is an iOS (works on iOS 9b4) client for microblogging, private messages, patter and more. It runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Supports (multiple) image and video in posts upload to your ADN File Storage. The accompanying website is used to give you an overview of media created with Chimp. It also is the host for a web player for audio/video you attach to posts. No image audio or video files are stored on, it's all on your own ADN file space. Private messages and Patter also have image and audio support. Full list of features on

Major features of Chimp

  • Create posts with (multiple) image audio and video support
  • Drafts for posts
  • Temporary draft for posts and messages
  • Muted hashtags, clients and threads stored in ADN API
  • Location sharing and check-in for posts and messages
  • Private Messaging with image, video and audio support
  • Images, videos and audio clips can now be viewed on (using ADN file storage, channels and messages)
  • Tap&hold message for copy text & delete msg
  • Tap&hold avatar for user options
  • Tap&hold @ menu for quick options including your interactions
  • Push notifications for mentions, private messages and private patter
  • Inline media (optional)
  • Patter rooms support
  • Copy link to Patter room to clipboard (tap&hold Patter row in Messages list)
  • Broadcast for Patter messages (tap&hold send)
  • Broadcast Patter messages 'after the fact'
  • Quoted repost adds @ name of post's owner
  • Automatic creation of a longpost
  • Update your profile including avatar and cover images
  • Unsubscribe and Mute channel support
  • Follow, mute and block users
  • In-app audio player for posts that have audio (tap the Monkey)
  • In-app web browser (open in Safari/Chrome support)
  • Tap post text to show action like quote, start, share, reply. You can mail/copy link to the post, mail post including text, copy text/postid and report spam.
  • Save images to library (tap&hold)

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