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January 01, 2013


Robin is here and it's here to stay!

Robin is your brand-new interactive and feature packed client for Created by @scruffyfox and @simpleline with literally over a million hours, this awesome and sexy app will make your experience even better.

Latest release notes:

Currently with Robin you can:

★ Realtime notification alerts for new mentions, private messages, and new follows

★ Dark and Light Theme

★ Maximum accessibility support

★ PM and Patter-app support

★ Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian language support

★ Multiple account support

★ View inline images in your stream

★ Mute a thread - stop those unwanted notification for a thread you don't want to participate in

★ Stop spam with Swarm Protection

★ Auto suggest users + hashtags when posting

★ Beam users or conversations to other devices

★ Post images and locations to your stream

★ Edit your profile + a ton of customisable settings (many more to come!)

★ Native tablet support

★ Support for, and file storage

★ Search for hashtags, keywords, and users

★ Desktop widget (3.0+)

Development is always happening and in the future we will add:

★ Native post filters

★ Interaction notifications (repost/star)

★ More widgets

The app is still in BETA which means it can change drastically (not likely) and may have a few bugs, but we are constantly looking out for them and fixing them as soon as they're found.

You can follow us at @scruffyfox, @simpleline, @robinapp, or follow our blog at to keep updated with development or to report any bugs/suggest a new feature

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