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November 09, 2012


Linky lets you easily post webpage links to Facebook, Twitter and from your iPhone and iPad.

Write your post and choose which social profiles to send them to, and then Linky will spread them out. You can connect Linky to Twitter, Facebook (Profiles and Pages) and

Linky can insert for you the url and the title of the webpage. It can also shorten your links for you to provide more analytics.

You want to post the webpage displayed in your browser? Use the bookmarklet provided by Linky to open it from Safari or Chrome.

Keep all your devices in sync with Dropbox. It's fast and reliable.


• Supports Twitter, Facebook, and

• Support of Twitter and Facebook single sign-on integrated in iOS.

• Post from Safari or Chrome by launching Linky with a bookmarklet.

• Universal App (iPhone + iPad).

• Designed for iOS 7 and for the Retina Display.

• Support of portrait and landscape orientations on the iPad.

Upgrade to Linky Pro (available as a single In-App Purchase) for awesome features:

• Sync with Dropbox.

• Post simultaneously your messages up to 2 accounts.

• Post to Facebook Pages.

• Links can be shortened when the message is sent via, CloudApp, Droplr, and (all the shorteners require a user account).

• URL Scheme to launch Linky from other apps using the x-callback-url specification (in-app documentation and examples).

• Clipboard URL: If a URL is copied to the clipboard from an other application, Linky will ask you if you want to use it.

• Links, hashtags and mentions are colored when composing.

• Username are auto-completed when typing the @ symbol.

• Support of Readability in the in-app browser.

• Send unlimited messages by unlocking the limit of 4 posts per day.

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