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November 09, 2012


Linky lets you easily post webpage links to and Twitter from your iPhone and iPad.

  • A beautifully designed user interface fitting in with iOS 7. Linky has been enhanced and optimized for iOS 7.

  • Post from the browser Send the current webpage displayed in Safari or Chrome to Linky.

  • Compose quickly good-looking messages Quickly insert the url and the title of the link and Linky always grabs the best title and canonical URL.

  • Sync Keep all your devices in sync with Dropbox. It's fast and reliable.

  • Post quick & easy

    • Switch between your accounts easily.
    • Cross-post your messages : post simultaneously up to 2 accounts.
    • Clipboard URL: If a URL is copied to the clipboard from an other application, Linky will ask you if you want to use it.
    • Links, hashtags and mentions are colored when composing.
    • Username are auto-completed when typing the @ symbol.
    • Links can be shortened when the message is sent via, CloudApp, Droplr, and (all the shorteners require a user account).
    • Lower case, upper case or capitalize the text selection in the composer.
    • Smart quote support when composing.
  • In-app browser

    • Support of Readability.
    • Navigate through the history of the browser.
    • Go to the previous / next page.
    • Other features
  • Universal App (iPhone + iPad)

    • Support of Twitter single sign-on integrated in iOS.
    • Designed for the Retina Display.
    • Support of portrait and landscape orientations on the iPad.

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